A new generation of technologies known as IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) combines machine learning, robotic process automation, data analytics and fundamental process redesign to automate more complex tasks and perform more adaptable workflows. IPA can be applied to various industries, departments, and functions to gain efficiency, improve overall productivity and enhance the customer experience.

According to McKinsey, automation of 50 to 70 percent of tasks has translated into 20 to 35 percent annual run-rate cost efficiencies. By incorporating cognitive intelligence, IPA enables robots to learn from carrying out their duties so that they can get better, faster and more accurate with time. IPA is more intelligent and versatile than traditional RPA, which struggles to handle nuances and exceptions. It improves and expands upon RPA's existing useful capabilities to unlock even more business value for enterprises.

By collaborating with industry professionals and sharing strategies with each other, businesses can become more informed on the best practices for leveraging intelligent automation to transform operations. That’s why we are excited to launch our World Intelligent Process Automation Summit on February 16th and 17th in Berlin, Germany.

The summit will bring together key industry stakeholders from global brands dealing with intelligent process automation, digital transformation, business optimization, cognitive technologies, and enterprise architecture to discuss the ethical, technical and strategic challenges of IPA development and applications.

Major influencers from global brands such as Huawei, Beiersdorf, Volvo Cars, Shell, Firmenich, ING, Generali and more will be in attendance to provide their valuable insights on the best practices and challenging examples of global implementation of intelligent automation in various industries.

The first day of the event will include keynote sessions on pitfalls and success factors for leveraging automation such as intelligent document processing and working with unstructured data. Speakers will also go into detail on effective strategies for autonomous business and seamless technology adoption.

On the second day, the discussion will revolve around the next chapter of intelligent automation for extending your automation reach to achieve scalability and move your business forward.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear practical case studies, have direct access to network with knowledgeable professionals and participate in important conversations on the latest innovations within intelligent automation. Join this year's World Intelligent Process Automation Summit and gain a competitive advantage, establish new strategies for growth and lead your team to success.

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