We are thrilled to be returning for our 5th World Contract Management Summit in Berlin, Germany on September 14th and 15th.

In the fast-paced world of business today, organizations are coming to understand the crucial significance of modernizing their contract management practices. Outdated approaches not only prevent complete efficiency but also can pose significant risks, leading to potential revenue losses and missed opportunities. According to Goldman Sachs, contract lifecycle management systems reduce erroneous payments by 75-90% and cut operating & processing expenses by 10-30% on average compared to traditional methods.

By embracing advanced contract management technologies, businesses can streamline processes, enhance compliance, and optimize resource allocation. These innovative solutions, such as AI-powered contract analytics, risk management and compliance solutions, and intelligent contract workflows, pave the way for a high-performing, agile contract management system.

Continue reading for our top 3 reasons to join us in September:

#1: Gain Insights from Global Industry Leaders from Top Brands

This event will unite leading professionals from global brands to share their experiences on trending topics such as effective contract administration strategies, advanced tools in contract management, improving user experience and accessibility, providing strategic value, enhancing organizational resilience & more. Brands such as World Commerce & Contracting, Merck, Buro Happold, Mastercard, Bayer, EY, Maersk Drilling & others will be in attendance to provide their valuable insights on how to streamline and automate processes to control costs, improve productivity, and drive the business forward.

#2: Discuss Solutions to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Between the numerous case studies, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking breaks, attendees will leave with real practical insights on solutions to help your organization create a strategy for CLM transformation. Discover the transformative solutions that will revolutionize your approach to digital technology, drive growth, and navigate the dynamic landscape of today's market.

#3: Professional Networking Opportunities

Not only do you get the opportunity to hear from contract management professionals from various industries about the latest trends in contract management, but attending the summit gives you direct access to network with knowledgeable professionals and hear first-hand insights on how they have set their projects up for success. Either establish the foundation for lasting business connections or reconnect with old relationships and discuss different options for incorporating innovative ideas throughout your company.


By joining us, you'll be taking a significant step towards optimizing your processes, mitigating risks, and driving sustainable growth. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your contract management strategy.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin or online through our event application!

Request your free brochure for more information about the 5th World Contract Management Summit and to see the full line-up of speakers. Once you are ready, purchase your ticket here!