We are very excited to be returning for our 3rd Global Smart Water Summit in Barcelona, Spain on May 5th and 6th, 2022.

As the water sector continues to face increasing pressures, especially due to the impacts of climate change, the future of the water industry's success largely depends on its degree of technological maturity. According to the World Bank, about 25-35% of water is lost due to filtrations and leakages worldwide, with a major impact on water availability across the globe.

Within the last couple of years, companies have moved towards implementing new processes, technologies and digital ways of managing infrastructures to help monitor water use and obtain data on treatment processes that can be used to optimize performances. It’s important to stay knowledgeable on new technology and emerging trends by connecting with industry leaders as things are changing year to year due to the dynamic landscape of the industry.

Our upcoming hybrid summit will bring together water management professionals, filtration experts, environmental officials and technology innovators to share recent insights on smart water management systems that provide a more resilient and efficient water supply system.

There are many more reasons you should join us for the 3rd Global Smart Water Summit, but continue reading for our top 3 reasons:


#1 Discuss the Latest Technologies & Innovations in the Sector

By joining this summit you will gain insights on the importance of digital water optimization and finding ways to deal with aging infrastructure and inadequate investments, as well as, water treatment strategies and water management systems. Attendees will also explore water technology, utility innovation, industrial water, wastewater and the circular economy, desalination, water reuse and much more to shape the future of the water sector.

#2 Discover Real Solutions to Current Problems

Throughout the 2-day event, there will be 20+ hours of knowledge sharing with 14+ keynote speakers that will discuss solutions to achieve water conservation efforts across the globe. We are confident that this exclusive panel of keynote speakers, delivering practical case studies on using intelligent innovations to treat freshwater, industrial process wastewater and sewage water will help organizations in their journey towards zero liquid discharge.

#3 Connect and Network with Global Brands

Brands such as Waternet, Northumbrian Water Group, Miya, Aqualia, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) & more will be in attendance in vibrant Barcelona to provide their valuable insights on combining IoT, big data and AI technologies to reduce the impending predictions of global water scarcity.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona or virtually through our online event application!

Request your free brochure for more information about the 3rd Global Smart Water Summit and to see the full line-up of speakers. Once you are ready, purchase your ticket here!