We are so excited for the 2nd edition of the World RPA & AI Summit. We hope you are too. Here are some things to look forward to if you have signed up and reasons to join if you have not registered yet.

Reasons To Attend Graphic

#1: Discuss Case Studies With Global Brands

Over 10 global brands will attend and they all have great case studies to share with you. One the first day you will hear from Western Union, Booking.com, Microsoft and more. They will discuss moving money for better with RPA, RPA in HR and AI for customer service. On day two, you will hear from IBM, Vodafone, Philips and more. They will discuss intelligent automation at scale, using agile in RPA and capturing value in digital innovation.


#2: Learn The Pros & Cons of Automation vs. Outsourcing

Many industry leaders agree the replacement of outsourcing with automation is inevitable. There are several benefits to this but it can be difficult navigating that transition. Is your business ready? Hear about the benefits from industry leaders and discuss implementation techniques to drive your business forward.


#3: Get Real Solutions To Give Your Business A Competitive Edge


You will hear about several intelligent automation and AI solutions in various industries. Aside from the keynote speaker panels, there is also a mastermind session. This allows you to bring the challenges you are facing to your colleagues and receive honest feedback. Brainstorm with other individuals who share common interests and leave with real solutions.


#4: Explore Beautiful Barcelona


The 2nd edition of the RPA & AI Summit will be in Barcelona, Spain. The area is known for its art and architecture so after the panels each day, explore fantastic churches and other modernist landmarks. Barcelona has great shopping opportunities, tasty tapas, beautiful parks and a very passionate love for their football team so there really is something for everyone to enjoy!


#5: Professional Networking Opportunities


The 2-day agenda is packed full of informative panels but in between those are scheduled times for networking. Make new professional connections and bring challenges to your peers to receive honest, real time feedback. Leave with new friends and solutions to drive your business forward.


Request your free brochure for more information about the 2nd World RPA & AI Summit and the full line up of speakers, click here!