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The importance of sustainable processes lies in discovering and adapting them to create better outcomes. Learn how processes support sustainability with ARIS.

If you watched the movie “Don’t Look Up” you could learn that ignoring a grave threat to the planet does not change the outcome.

If you don’t adapt your processes to achieve more sustainable outcomes it is like ignoring there is a comet about to hit the planet and just looking away.

If you can do something to avoid it, you should do it, now!

Every business and every single person has to do their part to improve corporate social and environmental outcomes. Sustainability is at the heart of everything and is disrupting the economy (just like digitalization did before). Start now and ask yourself: ‘Can I “look up?” And how can ARIS support me in my efforts?’

ARIS has been a market-leading tool for business process management (BPM) for more than 30 years. But what does BPM actually mean? Typically, it is the practice of analyzing, designing, and improving processes to achieve better efficiency and reduce cost.  

Gartner defines business process management as: “The discipline of managing processes (rather than tasks) as the means for improving business performance outcomes and operational agility. Processes span organizational boundaries, linking together people, information flows, systems, and other assets to create and deliver value to customers and constituents.”

But what does sustainability have to do with it? This is where sustainable BPM comes into play. It has the goal to improve your environmental and social impact by improving your processes.

Sustainable processes help you to discover bottlenecks and optimize them to create better outcomes like:

  • Energy savings and emissions reduction
  • Resource optimization and cost reduction
  • Productivity and efficiency improvements


No matter, if you are looking at climate action (supply chain management, decarbonizing manufacturing, reducing packaging, improving resource usage), circularity (recirculating products and materials) or social responsibility (improving worker and societal wellbeing), it is all about understanding and rethinking your operations.

But how can ARIS help you with that?

Acting in a sustainable and socially responsible way can be challenging without the right support. ARIS anchors sustainability in your organization’s daily operations by integrating it into your business process management. It enables you to create more environmentally and socially sustainable operations and helps you fasten and prove those actions to ensure compliance while creating one single source of truth for all stakeholders – inside and outside the company.

The ARIS for sustainability accelerator package provides templates and sustainability-related content to help to jump-start your ESG initiatives:

  • Role-based sustainability roadmap template
  • Ready-to-go maturity questionnaire template and radar charts to view results
  • Templates for materiality assessment and heat maps to review and support strategy building
  • Templates including ready-to-use subjects such as UN goals, UN guiding principles, mandatory and voluntary regulations linking to further information
  • Sustainability dashboard templates
  • Non-financial report template to jumpstart annual reporting input
  • Out-of-the-box confirmation management to ensure process compliance – audit-proof.

It comes free of charge for all ARIS customers. Go to the website and learn how to download it.

Look up and start acting now. Want to learn more? Watch the webinar on demand:

ARIS Helps Enable and Prove Sustainability Webinar | Software AG