Airport Security Summit in Barcelona 19th – 20th of May


Annual Airport Security Summit

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This years Annual Airport Security Summit will explore latest security issues and system developments within the airports. It will also provide a networking platform to review and discuss current strategies including how to create concrete plans for the future. Inspirational speakers such as Ronald Augustin (Deputy Senior Vice President of KLM) and John McCarthy (Head of Research at Cyber Research Centre) will discuss latest techniques, projects, innovations and their findings on a wide range of airport security topics. The Annual Airport Security Summit will also provide opportunities for industry leaders to discuss and critique the risks and benefits behind such security issues.

This years Airport Security Summit will be held at the Hotel Hesperia Del Mar in Barcelona on the 19-20th of May.

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This year’s Annual Airport Security Summit was designed to address these key issues found in airports worldwide today:

  • Technology Behind Baggage Handling and Security Checkpoints
  • Airport Management Systems and Real-Time Information Sharing
  • Cyber-Security: Threats and Protection Plans
  • Biometric Systems and Automation of the Airports
  • Passenger Data Securing Methods and Digitalization of Airports
  • Threat assessment and Risk Management
  • Baggage Management Systems and Air Cargo
  • The Importance of Continuous Security Trainings

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