We are thrilled to be returning for our 6th Design Thinking Summit in Berlin, Germany on November 23rd - 25th, 2022.

Businesses today want meaningful relations with their customers. Understanding context and ongoing interaction with people are at the core of the design thinking methodology to determine what problem needs solving and what metrics drive success. According to McKinsey, businesses that embrace design generate on average 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns.

So, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are applying design thinking to their business practices and products. However, it can be a daunting task to figure out where to begin and what things to avoid. By collaborating with industry experts and sharing methods, tools & best practices you can stay updated on emerging trends and ensure that you are maximizing your resources to their fullest potential.

Continue reading for our top 3 reasons to join us in November at the 6th Design Thinking Summit:

#1: Gain Insights into the Latest Trends & Challenges

On the first day of the Summit, we will have the pleasure of experiencing three engaging sessions during our virtual Workshops where trained and experienced facilitators will offer exciting unique perspectives on experience design.

Then throughout the next two days, there will be 14+ keynote speakers that will explore the best design thinking practices, the latest technological implementations, and practical lessons of human-centered approaches in various industries. Our speakers will also provide valuable insights on resilience & systems thinking, inclusive design, brand intimacy, behavioral science and much more.

#2: Hear Practical Case Studies from Global Brands

This event will bring together experienced design professionals, user research specialists and other experts from different industries. Top expert speakers from major influencers such as Nike, Pfizer, THALES Group, BT Global, IBM, BCG Platinion, Lufthansa Group & more will share their practical case studies on solutions & strategies for making the design mindset an inevitable part of every business.

#3: Network with Industry Leaders

Not only do you get the opportunity to hear from several different design experts about the future of inclusive design approach, but attending the summit gives you direct access to network with knowledgeable professionals and hear first-hand insights on how they have set their projects up for success. Either establish the foundation for lasting business connections or reconnect with old relationships and discuss different options for incorporating innovative ideas throughout your company.


You will have access to an exclusive mixture of dynamic keynotes, unique case studies, workshops and interactive sessions which will provide you with plenty of opportunities to have conversations about the challenges you are facing and get real-time honest feedback on the most optimal way to move forward successfully.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin or online through our event application!

Request your free brochure for more information about the 6th Design Thinking Summit and to see the full line-up of speakers. Once you are ready, purchase your ticket here!